Yorkshire Jain Foundation, formerly known as the Leeds Jain Group, was established in April 1987 on the Mahavir Jayanti day.
The main objectives of the Group are the promotion of Jain values and thoughts. The emphasis is on contemporary thoughts including the assessment of ancient Jain ideas in modern physics, psychology, logic and nueroscience.
We believe that the main emphasis of Jain philosophy is the simple principle that you - and you alone - are responsible for every aspect of your life. Through your activities you have positive or negative Karmic results. Therefore your present life is partly due to past activities and your future is affected by your current actions. There is no external power in this process. Your Karmic particles have the ultimate effect!
  1. To promote religious and educational activities relating to Jainism and to develop better understanding of the Jain values in a modern context.
  2. To provide and promote academic and cultural interchanges and co-operation internationally.
  3. To foster interaction and communication with Jain organisations globally.
  4. To make rituals and scriptures more transparent with emphasis on their interpretation relative to contempary thoughts and relevance.
  5. To promote contemporary thoughts including the assessment of Jain ideas in modern science.


We support SOS Children's Villages charity - every hit on their website raises money automatically:

Key Landmarks for the YJF:
The founder and Chairman of YJF is Professor K.V.Mardia. He has published a book on "Jain Thoughts and Prayers" launched by Paul Marrett in 1992 and "The Scientific Foundations of Jainisim" edited with YJF members. He pioneered the Jain temple in Leeds which is the only Jain temple in Yorkshire; the temple is part of the Santan Temple and contains some unique Jain architecture including a Jain pillar depicting different Jain schools.
  1. Launch of "The Scientific Foundations of Jainism" in 1990 at Jain Samaj Europe, Leicester Jain Temple.
  2. Installation of the Mahavir Bhagwan Temple within the Hindu Temple, Leeds in October 2001